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Do I need a permit to host my wedding at the beach?

Basic ceremonies involving no setup - music, chairs, decorations, etc. - can be held on any public beach without a permit, but restricting access to the public is not allowed. If you are requesting to host a wedding in any of the areas managed by The Galveston Park Board of Trustees, you must obtain prior approval. Please contact the Parks Office Coordinator at (409) 797-5172 or

Which areas are managed by the Park Board of Trustees?

Galveston's public beach parks are managed by the Galveston Park Board of Trustees, a non-profit government entity funded solely by Hotel Occupancy Tax revenue and beach-user fees. Areas managed by the Park Board include: R.A. Apffel Park (East Beach), Stewart Beach, Dellanera RV Park, the three West End County Pocket Parks and Seawall beaches between 10th and 61st streets.

Can I request to host a wedding outside of the Park Board managed areas?

You do not need approval from Park Board staff to host a wedding outside of the areas under its jurisdiction, and you likely will not need a permit from the City of Galveston, provided your wedding will not have an impact on specific areas such as normal traffic flow, or standard available parking, for example. If you would like to verify this with the City of Galveston’s Special Events Coordinator, please contact Megan Pierce at (409) 797-3700 or

Can I rope off an area of beach for my wedding?

Areas under the jurisdiction of the City of Galveston may not be sectioned off for a private event. The Galveston Park Board offers two areas that are designed specifically for weddings and special events. They are decoratively fenced areas near the shoreline - one at Stewart Beach Park and one at East Beach Park. These areas are available for rent. For more information or to reserve a space, please visit

Can I play music at my beach wedding?

You may play music at your beach wedding; however, an application for a Loudspeaker Permit (link to: must be submitted to the City of Galveston if you intend to have amplified sound. Please contact the City of Galveston's Special Events Coordinator, Megan Pierce at (409) 797-3700 or if you have additional questions.

Who is the Galveston Park Board of Trustees?

The Park Board of Trustees oversees beach maintenance and tourism development on Galveston Island, including operations for beach cleaning, the Galveston Island Beach Patrol and the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau. For more information on the Park Board of Trustees, please visit