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Plan Your Next Meeting in Galveston

Located just 50 minutes south of Houston, Galveston Island is a tropical getaway where groups can experience the laidback lifestyle of an island city without the high price tag of most beach destinations. Whether you are planning a family reunion in an intimate setting or a large convention with exhibit space, Galveston Island has a wide array of options designed to fit your needs. Planning an event or convention requires a high level of professionalism and attention toward the smallest details. Let the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau assist with your planning needs. From hotel rate requests to arranging off-site events, our seasoned sales team is here to offer complimentary assistance. For more information about hosting meetings in Galveston, visit

Meet the CVB

Kelly de Schaun

Kelly de Schaun, CTA, Executive Director - Oversees the Galveston Park Board which includes the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau, Beach Patrol, Beach Parks and Coastal Zone Management.

Phone Direct: (409)797-5141
Fax: (409)797-5146

Michael W. Woody, CTA

Michael W. Woody, CTA, Chief Tourism Officer - Oversees the Convention & Visitors Bureau, Visitor Information Center, and the sales and marketing staff.

Phone Toll-Free: (866)505-4456
Phone Direct: (409)797-5163
Fax: (409)765-8611

Ciara Basile

Ciara Basile, CTA, National Sales Manager - Marketing include National Corporate, National Associations and Government excluding markets in Austin and San Antonio.

Phone Toll-Free: (866)505-4456
Phone Direct: (409)797-5127
Fax: (409)765-8611

Dottie Bossley

Dottie Bossley, CTA, Regional Sales Director - Markets include: Texas State Associations and State Government, Austin; Corporate and National Associations.

Phone Direct: (409)797-5126
Fax: (409)515-5146

Tiffaney Hinojosa

Tiffaney Gonzales, CTA, Sales Manager - Markets include social, military, education, religious and fraternal.

Phone Direct: (409)797-5128
Fax: (409)762-8911

Bryan Kunz

Bryan Kunz, CTA, Director of Group Sales - Oversees the group sales department and handles sporting events and competitions.

Phone Toll-Free: (866)505-4456
Phone Direct: (409)797-5157

Anna Lopez

Anna Lopez, CTA, Office Coordinator

Phone Toll-Free: (866)505-4456
Phone Direct: (409)797-5145
Fax: (409)515-5146

Stacy Gilbert

Stacy Gilbert, CTA, Destination Experience Manager - Oversees the CTA, Winter Texan program and Visitors Centers

Phone Toll-Free: (888)425-4753 ext.125
Phone Direct: (409)797-5125
Fax: (409)762-8911

Jacquelyn Helton

Jacquelyn Helton, CTA, Director of Destination Services - Oversees destination services and the visitor information center

Phone Direct: (409)797-5130

Sarah Reimer

Sarah Reimer, CTA, Destination Services Coordinator - Drives value with innovative offerings and unique deliverables through cultivated local services and established partner relationships.

Phone Toll-Free: (888)425-4753 ext. 122
Phone Direct: (409)797-5122
Fax: (409)762-8911

Antoinette Lynch

Antoinette Lynch, CTA, Destination Services Coordinator - Builds strategic partnerships with corporations, businesses and brands, as well as traditional hospitality partners.

Phone Direct: (409)797-5136
Fax: (409)762-8911

CVB Marketing

Melody Smith, CTA, Director of Marketing - Responsible for cruise related business, consumer marketing & Galveston tourism.
Phone Toll-Free: (866)505-4456 Phone Direct: (409)797-5123 Fax: (409)765-8611

MaryBeth Bassett, CTA, Director of Public Relations - Directs the CVB's strategic communications and public relations efforts for Galveston Island tourism, including handling requests from the media for press materials, press trips, interviews and more.
Phone Toll-Free: (866)505-4456
Phone Direct: (409)797-5121

Natalie Paul, CTA,  Marketing Strategist
Phone Direct: (409)797-5164

Clayton Kolavo, CTA, Engagement Strategist
Phone Direct: (409)797-5120

Taylor Greenwalt, CTA, Creative Services Coordinator
Phone Direct: (409)797-5166


Bryan Kunz

Bryan Kunz, CTA, Galveston Island Film Liaison - Serves as local contact for film producers, helping to identify filming locations and permitting requirements for movies, commercials, etc.

Phone Toll-Free: (866)505-4456
Phone Direct: (409)797-5157

Galveston Island Visitor Information Center

Galveston Island Visitor Information Center
2328 Broadway
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone Toll-Free: (888)425-4753

For more information on the visitor center, click here.